Openness, Collaboration and Collective Action
3rd International Conference on Internet Science INSCI 2016

September 12-14, Florence, Italy

Internet science is a very broad concept. It includes the technical parts concerning protocols and connections, but also the contents (i.e., the Web) and applications, and, more important, the people. Internet is changing our lives, and therefore many crucial questions arise: How do people behave in the Internet? Are they changing their lifestyle and how? Can Internet promote sustainability, cooperation and collective intelligence? Can it support open democracy and policy making? How can the awareness of possibilities and dangers of Internet be promoted? What about topics like intellectual properties, privacy, reputation and participation? What are the juridical aspects of Internet? What about arts and humanities in general?
The third International Conference on Internet Science, INSCI2016, is going to address such questions. We think that it is possible to focus some broad main areas: Technical aspects of Internet (protocols, apps, etc.), Internet, individuals and society (human behaviour, e-health, education, economy, art, etc.), Internet and politics (participation, crowdsourcing, bottom up, top down, etc.), Internet and rights (privacy, intellectual property…), but we are open to other suggestions.
A parallel session of the conference is devoted to self-organized workshops, that could promote related prohects, diffusing their results and/or gathering impressions and comments. The first day of the conference will be open-access to everybody.

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