Results: Overview


Several outcomes will be delivered all along the life of the MAKE-IT project, documenting its activities, impact and results. In the Results section you can find the most updated resources developed during the project.

The MAKE-IT book

This book is an introduction of the work done during 2016 and 2017 within the MAKE-IT project, providing an overview of the activities of the project. It is a starting point for browsing the contents of this section as well.
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MAKE-IT produces several documents that communicate the plan and the implementations of its actions, called deliverables. They will be published online as soon as they will be ready, and you will be able to read online or download them from the specific Deliverables page.
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Results from the MAKE-IT project are published in scientific conferences and journals, and the articles or their drafts are accessible in the Publications section.
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The MAKE-IT project also produces several visualisations that explain its activities, impacts and the role of CAPS in enabling the Maker movement, which can be accessed from this section.
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Software developed for the MAKE-IT action research or data analysis or for visualisations can be accessed in this section.
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Open Data / API

Whenever possible, results from the MAKE-IT activities or from analysis and visualisations from CAPS will be listed in this section as downloadable Open Data or open API.
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During its activities and events, MAKE-IT produces several media contents that can be found in this section.


Pictures and photographs can be accessed in this section.
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Videos can be accessed in this section.
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Presentations can be accessed in this section.
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MAKE-IT in media

All the contents mentioning MAKE-IT in the media.

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Note The MAKE-IT project started in January 2016 and is currently active; this website will be improved in the following months, please register to our newsletter in order to learn when new content or features will be available online.