CAPS: Overview


The acronym CAPS stands for Collective Awareness Platforms for Sustainability and Social Innovation. The European Commission (EC) first used this label in 2012, in the context of the Seventh Framework Programme of research in order to identify a new group of research projects and, in some sense, a new area of research. The last call for proposals for CAPS was launched in 2014 with a total budget of 43 million euro. Nearly 200 proposals were submitted, of which 24 have been selected for funding, including MAKE-IT.
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The MAKE-IT project also produces several visualisations that explain its activities, impacts and the role of CAPS in enabling the Maker movement, which can be accessed from this section.
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Software developed for the MAKE-IT action research or data analysis or for visualisations of CAPS can be accessed in this section.
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Open Data / API

Whenever possible, results from the MAKE-IT activities or from analysis and visualisations from CAPS will be listed in this section as downloadable Open Data or open API.
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