How do Makers organize and collaborate? How do they create value and impact? What is the role of Collective Awareness Platforms (CAPS) in enabling them?

MAKE-IT tackles these questions through different research methods and with the development of technological innovations, such as the interactive Technology Radar (also called TechRadar) that describes the current and future technology  developments or trends that will impact how makers create, communicate, organize and might even do business.

The TechRadar has been developed in order to help anybody discover the Maker movement through its technologies and platforms for example, for students who are becoming makers, and so on. This tool helps to understand the uses and impacts of CAPS in different contexts, as well as of the Maker movement itself, and maker technology developed and/or used by makers. The TechRadar is built with open source components and it is open source itself, so everybody in the Maker community can add and update the content: you can find the source code in our Software page.

Read more about the TechRadar in our deliverables D5.1, D5.2 and D5.3. Read also on our blog this post and this one about the TechRadar.

Open the TechRadar here