Software developed for the MAKE-IT action research or data analysis or for visualisations can be accessed in this section.


The interactive Technology Radar (also called TechRadar) describes future technology developments or trends that will impact how makers will create, communicate, organize and might even do business.

BSOP tool



A Python library for Social Network Analysis of online collaboration platforms and tools like Twitter, YouTube and Git, Hg, SVN, GitHub, GitLab, BitBucket repositories.


A python library for accessing online data about Makerspaces, Fab Labs, Hackerspaces, TechShop… and for formatting the data in order to give a unified API for understanding Maker platforms.


A docker compose infrastructure for the planning data analyses and visualisations.

Fab City Dashboard

A dashboard that show the relationships between urban spaces and their networks of design, production and consumption with Maker initiatives by highlighting their supply chains, resilience and impact.