The MAKE-IT Book

This book is an introduction of the work done during 2016 and 2017 within the MAKE-IT project. The scope of this book is to present:

  1. a small snapshot of the project as of December 2017;
  2. an introduction to the most interesting contents and where to find them online and in the deliverables;
  3. contents and guidelines for the life of MAKE-IT even after the official end of the project, both in terms of exploitation by stakeholders and of further innovation and research work done by the members of the consortium.

In section 2 the book introduces the Maker movement and the MAKE-IT project in section 3. In section 4 a short presentation of the ten cases studied is presented, and in section 5 the main results of all the work packages (WP) of the project are introduced. In section 6 we reflect upon the project with specific articles and interviews, and in section 7 we propose scenarios, guidelines and strategies for keeping the results of the project alive and sustainable even after its official end.

The book is released with a Creative Commons Attribution (CC-BY) license, you can download it here below or order a print-on-demand copy here.