Designed and developed at IAACFab Lab Barcelona.


Font Awesome icons by Dave Gandy –

Icons in the Results section by buzzyrobot from the Noun Project.

Icons in the Deliverables by Gregor ?rešnar, Duke Innovation Co-Lab, Marie Van den Broeck from the Noun Project.


Rubik font by Philipp Hubert and Sebastian Fischer atHubert & Fischer as part of the Chrome Cube Lab project. Rubik is a 5 weight family with Roman and Italic styles, that accompanies Rubik Mono One, a monospaced variation of the Black roman design. Meir Sadan redesigned the Hebrew component in 2015.

Source® Sans Pro, Adobe’s first open source typeface family, was designed by Paul D. Hunt. It is a sans serif typeface intended to work well in user interfaces.

Martel font by Dan Reynolds. Dan is an independent designer with a focus on letters: he draws typefaces, builds fonts, writes about typography, and teaches design and design history. He’s working on a doctoral dissertation on German type from the Wilhelmine period. Originally from the United States, Dan has lived in England and now resides in Germany. He created the typeface Dasa, and together with Mathieu Réguer developed Biryani and Martel Sans. | GitHub |Twitter

Alegreya font by Huerta Tipográfica (Argentina). Huerta Tipográfica is a collaborative Argentinian type foundry with a deep respect for design and typography. Founded in 2009, the company began as a place to meet, cooperate, and share experiences while collaborating on academic and commercial projects. Huerta Tipográfica develops custom and retail fonts with libre, proprietary, or exclusive licenses, and is strongly committed to creating innovative and functional type. Their award-winning work has been recognized by Letter.2, Tipos Latinos, and the Bienal Iberoamericana de Diseño. GitHub | Twitter

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