Author: Roberto Vdovic

FabLab Zagreb at Faust Vrancic Creative Days

FabLab in Zagreb is the only one official FabLab listed on from Croatia. This citizen association is run under motto “FabLab with maker’s heart”. As such, FabLab is using not only digital fabrication, but different technologies to show them to wide population in practical way. With activities run under three missions: education related “Create@School”, local community related “Give-a-Hand”, and entrepreneurship related “Solve Local Go Global” it is active on various events: conferences, fairs and workshops. Just in this not finished year, Fablab was participate on more then 30 events in Croatia and region, with more then 30.000 visitors. From Maker Fairs to Science Picnics, from STE[A]M week to European Makers Week, from Design District to Designathon FabLab members share information and disseminate knowledge about digital technology to engage wide population to improve STE[A]M skills targeting both students and teachers.

Obviously most impact, have events with most visitors and media attraction in large cities, but here we would like to mention one event without large public, like those on Island of Prvic, small local community in Adriatic Sea. This small island without cars, near Šibenik, and famous because that was place where Faust Vrancic (lat. Faustus Verantius), late Renaissance man spent summers and work on Machinae Novae. This island almost without kids, but active small community, invited FabLab for second year to participate on Faust Vrancic Creative Days. This year, few classes from Šibenik school’s arrived on workshops, including kids from Center for education persons with development issues. 

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