Author: Maria Ustarroz

MAKE-IT Advisory Board interviews

I interviewed MAKE-IT Advisory Board members during different meetings we had. All the members are experts in their fields, so I asked them about their experience of the Maker movement and how the project could understand and improve the movement through CAPS.

Check it out:

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MAKE-IT Workshops at Maker Faire Barcelona 2017

Barcelona Marker Faire hosts the most inspired, talented and ambitious makers, enthusiastic to share all their knowledge and creativity through exhibitions, workshops, and interactive demos. If you are a Maker, we have an appointment on 17th – 18th June at Barcelona Maker Faire 2017 (Fira Barcelona Montjuic, Pavellò Italià). Save the date and come with your family and your friends!

With the participation of leading international experts that will present and discuss the latest results and contributions in education, society, and economics, Barcelona Maker Faire wants to contribute promoting imagination, creativity, innovation and learning of new skills and ideas.


Check out MAKE-IT workshops at Maker Faire Barcelona 2017:

June 17th June 18th

MAKE-IT Workshop: How Labs become relevant

MAKE-IT Workshop: Reaching out to everyone inclusive maker spaces

MAKE-IT Workshop: Sustainable Business Models for Labs

MAKE-IT Workshop: Facilitation of Idea Validation

Let’s share experiences with others and get closer to the latest technologies and maker initiatives.

Let’s reveal the inventor, creator, engineer, innovative craftsman that lives inside of you!

Barcelona Maker Faire 2017

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MAKE-IT Partners’ interviews

What can we expect for MAKE-IT? Who is working on it? To answer these questions, I interviewed my partners during the MAKE-IT Plenary Workshop in Vienna, December 2016. I talked with the partners about their experience in the Maker movement and their expectations of the project.

Get to know them:

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