Fab City Summit Copenhagen 2017

The Fab City global initiative members gather in Copenhagen for the Fab City Summit 2017. During the 7th and 8th of September 2017, experts in the field of digital fabrication, design, urbanism, blockchain technologies, big data, urban manufacturing, circular economy and social innovation, will work on the establishment of actions and strategies to build locally productive and globally connected cities for the next 36 years, following the Barcelona Fab City pledge. Connected with the trends on Industry 4.0, automation, AI, digital fabrication, synthetic biology, blockchain and other major tech disruptions, Fab City is working on establishing a global network of makers and doers, supported on the Fab Lab Network, governments, policy makers and Design networks, in order to make a more inclusive and circular future for the urban living.

Tomas Diez and Massimo Menichinelli from IAAC participated in it.

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