Energy & Smart Cities

An event about Smart Cities and Energy.

Massimo Menichinelli spoke about Fab City, Maker platforms and MAKE-IT, in relation to education, smart cities and energy.

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8th International Sustainability Transitions Conference

At the 8th International Sustainability Transitions Conference taking place in Gothenburg from 18th to 21st June, international researchers from a variety of disciplines came together to not only discuss theoretical and methodological advances, but also to share real-life examples.

Marthe Zirngiebl presented MAKE-IT’s three sustainability scenarios and discuss their potential to ease the environmental impact with the audience. Read more on the blog.

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Maker Faire Vienna 2017

This is a selection of topics you could find in the 2nd edition of the Vienna Maker Faire next 20th May:

3D printing & 3D scanning ∙ Arduino, Raspberry Pi & Co. ∙ Art & Design ∙ Bio-Hacking ∙ Crafting ∙ Drones & Air craft ∙ Energy & Sustainability ∙ Fashion & Wearables ∙ Food ∙ Games ∙ Hacking ∙ Home Automation ∙ Internet of Things ∙ Knowledge transfer ∙ Manufacturing Technologies ∙ Model making ∙ Music & Sound ∙ Open Source ∙ Radio & Communication ∙ Recycling & Upcycling ∙ Robots ∙ Science & Research ∙ Shared Spaces

MAKE-IT partners interviewed participants and discussed results and insights from the project with them.

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Design for Next

The 12th EAD Conference is hosted by Sapienza University of Rome in Italy, and it will foster discussion among designers, academics and experts about the articulated scenario of contemporary design and its perspectives, with intent to nurture diversity and interdisciplinarity.

MAKE-IT participated with the presentation of two peer-reviewed papers:

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Innovation Village

Innovation Village aims at fostering the creation of a collaborative network among institutions/systems and spontaneous processes of innovation, in order to bring innovation into small and medium enterprises, to facilitate investments, to support startups and innovation at any level.

Massimo Menichinelli spoke about Fab City, Maker platforms and MAKE-IT.

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“No poverty: how ICT and governance can help – example of the maker community” presentation by Jeremy Millard

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DSI Fair 2017

The DSI Fair 2017 offers a rich program featuring an international conference, focused workshops, networking and hands-on sessions. The line-up of speakers includes experts and practitioners, as well as policy makers and civil society players from all over the world.

Discussions and presentations will tackle and address fundamental collective human experience research and innovation challenges dictating what the Internet is used for and its benefits to both individuals and the overall society, which is at the core of the evolution towards the Next Generation Internet as the Internet for Humans.

The DSI Fair 2017 will also give the opportunity to present and discuss the Manifesto for Networked Innovation that will include a set of recommendations for policy-makers indicating how digital social innovation processes can be enforced, transferred and potentially reused for effective scale-up of social innovation initiatives across the whole European society.

Join us and learn about opportunities to become part of the Digital Social Innovation Community and embrace initiatives tackling social and environmental challenges in Europe and beyond. A unique chance to get together, exchange ideas, develop new collaborations and grow digital social innovation around the Collective Awareness Platforms for Sustainability and Social Innovation initiative.


MAKE-IT partners are taking part in DSI Fair 2017 in different conferences and a workshop on February 2nd:

Day 2 – February 2nd

08:30 – 09:30




09:30 – 11:00

Mapping Innovation Initiatives for the Digital Society: Worldwide

  • Flavia Marzano, Councillor for Innovation of the City of Rome
  • Alessandro Valera, Director of Ashoka Italia
  • Tomás Díez, Co-founder of Smart Citizens
  • Darko Manakowski, United Nations Sustainable Development Solutions Network, Programme Officer for Northern Europe

11:00 – 11:30

Coffee break & networking

11:30 – 13:00

Pictures from the Brave New World: Keynotes Speeches

  • Geoff Mulgan, Chief Executive of NESTA
  • Marleen Stikker, President and Co-founder of Waag
  • Jeremy Millard, Chief Policy Advisor at the Danish Technological Institute
  • Loretta Anania, Officer at DG Connect, European Commission

13:00 – 14:00


14:00 – 15:30

Success stories 4:

Collaborative Making, Art and Creativity by Bastian Pelka and Janosch Sbeih, University of Dortmund. 

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