Barcelona Maker Faire 2017

Barcelona Marker Faire hosts the most inspired, talented and ambitious makers, enthusiastic to share all their knowledge and creativity through exhibitions, workshops, and interactive demos. If you are a Maker, we have an appointment on 17th – 18th June at Barcelona Maker Faire 2017 (Fira Barcelona Montjuic, Pavellò Italià). Save the date and come with your family and your friends.

Let’s reveal the inventor, creator, engineer, innovative craftsman that lives inside of you! Let’s share experiences with others and get closer to the latest technologies and maker initiatives.

With the participation of leading international experts that will present and discuss the latest results and contributions in education, society, and economics, Barcelona Maker Faire wants to contribute promoting imagination, creativity, innovation and learning of new skills and ideas.

Maker Faire originated in 2006 in the San Francisco Bay Area as a project of the editors of Make: magazine.  It has since grown into a significant worldwide network of both flagship and independently-produced events.  Read more on Maker Faire history, the Maker Movement, as well as how to start a Maker Faire or a School Maker Faire where you live.

Barcelona Maker Faire will be organized by Sonar+DFab Lab Barcelona and Soko Tech, with the support of Make magazine, Barcelona City HallIN(3D)USTRY and Obra Social ‘La Caxia’.

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Berlin Maker Faire 2017

A festival of invention, creativity and resourcefulness.

The third edition of Berlin Maker Faire is expecting to host over 1000 Makers at 250 booths presenting to an audience of 25,000 visitors. Discover what Berlin Maker Faire has to offer: Robots breathing fire, incredible inventions, and a colorful mixture of several hundred Makers. You’re invited to join in, touch, and learn, take part in workshops and learn how to solder, code or sew.

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Maker Faire Vienna 2017

Maker Faire Vienna 2017 takes place on May, 20th and 21st 2017 from 10:00 – 18:00 at METAStadt.

The Maker Faire is a family-friendly festival focusing on crafting, constructing, inventing, experimenting, learning, recycling, inspiring, and, above all, having fun.

„Touching and trying“ will be to the fore. Each Maker Faire offers many interesting hands-on projects complemented by exciting lectures and workshops.

Thus, the Maker Faire is all in one: a showcase, a community venue, and a knowledge platform. Great emphasis is put especially on education. In a creative and playful way, the children’s and young students’ enthusiasm for science, technology, and the handling of materials and tools will be aroused.

However, it is not just about technical and scientific projects. A Maker Faire is a place for all creative people.

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Tartu Mini Maker Faire 2017

Tartu Mini Maker Faire is the biggest event of its kind in the Baltics. It brings together science and the pleasure of DIY and welcomes both amateurs and professionals. The third edition of Tartu Mini Maker Faire will take place the 20th of May 2017.

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Vienna Maker Faire 2017

This is a selection of topics you could find in the 2nd edition of the Vienna Maker Faire next 20th May:

3D printing & 3D scanning ∙ Arduino, Raspberry Pi & Co. ∙ Art & Design ∙ Bio-Hacking ∙ Crafting ∙ Drones & Air craft ∙ Energy & Sustainability ∙ Fashion & Wearables ∙ Food ∙ Games ∙ Hacking ∙ Home Automation ∙ Internet of Things ∙ Knowledge transfer ∙ Manufacturing Technologies ∙ Model making ∙ Music & Sound ∙ Open Source ∙ Radio & Communication ∙ Recycling & Upcycling ∙ Robots ∙ Science & Research ∙ Shared Spaces

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Athens Mini Maker Faire 2017

Athens Mini Maker Faire brings together all the people involved in the making process in one place. Participants exhibit their projects and visitors have the opportunity to experience all the innovations and learn how each exhibit was made. Visitors have the opportunity to participate in interactive activities for the whole family and get involved in innovative technological achievements.

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